A.   Maintenance of the Lathrup Village Home by David Anderson and Martha Anderson.

Neither David Anderson, Martha Anderson, nor Timothy Flynn have exploited Jewell Anderson in any way.  David Anderson and Martha Anderson took care of Jewell Anderson exclusively from 1986, when Jewell Anderson’s husband passed away, until the fall of 2003.  David Anderson and Martha Anderson personally maintained Jewell Anderson’s home in Lathrup Village during this period of time.  David Anderson would do the outside work for Jewell Anderson, both winter and summer, while Martha Anderson would take care of the inside of the home.  When David Anderson or Martha Anderson were unable to personally perform the upkeep of the Lathrup Village home, they would hire, at their own expense, a cleaning service or lawn service to take care of the home.  The vast majority of improvements made to Jewell Anderson’s Lathrup Village home between 1988 to the present were paid for by David Anderson or Martha Anderson.  These improvements included new carpet for the home, painting of the home, purchasing of the windows for the home, and renovating Jewell Anderson’s beloved Hammon organ.  Jewell Anderson has always been overwhelmed by the generosity of David Anderson and Martha Anderson toward her and her Lathrup Village home.  For anyone to suggest that David Anderson and Martha Anderson have not done everything within their power to keep the Lathrup Village home in good repair, this suggestion can only come from someone who has not been around the home for twenty-five plus (25+) years.

B.   Sale of Jewell Anderson’s Car Due to Dementia Problems.

With the progression of her Alzheimer’s disease, Jewell Anderson is no longer capable of driving.  Once this situation became evident to Jewell Anderson’s doctors, this fact was communicated to Timothy Flynn, conservator and guardian for Jewell Anderson.  At that time, Mr. Flynn wisely sold Jewell Anderson’s vehicle which she did not need, thereby increasing Jewell Anderson’s disposable assets and cutting down on unnecessary bills, such as expensive no-fault insurance.  The selling of Jewell Anderson’s car by Mr. Flynn clearly satisfied his fiduciary responsibilities to Jewell Anderson regarding this asset, and this sale was approved, without reservation, by the Probate Court who monitors Mr. Flynn’s annual accounts.

C.   Gift of Jewell Anderson’s Computer to Church Rummage Sale.

While living at her Lathrup Village home, Jewell Anderson had a computer in the basement of the home.  Jewell Anderson primarily used her computer to play solitaire.  Due to the progression of her dementia, Jewell Anderson found it impossible to remember how to operate the computer.  When Jewell Anderson started living at the American House facility in Rochester Hills on a full time basis in 2007, David Anderson and Martha Anderson brought her computer to this facility for her to use.  Jewell Anderson became extremely frustrated with her computer, and decided she no longer wished to use it.  Jewell Anderson authorized David Anderson and Martha Anderson to donate the computer to the Congregational Church of Birmingham rummage sale.  The proceeds from the sale of the computer formerly belonging to Jewell Anderson went to the outreach program of the church, which helps feed and clothe homeless people, which made Jewell Anderson feel extremely good about.

D.   David Anderson’s and Timothy Flynn’s Annual Accounts of Jewell Anderson’s Assets have been Consistently Approved by the Probate Courts.

Annual accounts have been filed by both David Anderson and Timothy Flynn as the guardians and conservators for Jewell Anderson.  The accounts of the guardians/conservators have been reviewed by the various Probate Judges assigned to these matters, and have been approved.  Any suggestion that either David Anderson or Timothy Flynn improperly used or failed to preserve assets belonging to Jewell Anderson are simply untrue allegations.  However, when the Probate Court reviewed Diane Anderson’s behavior regarding misappropriating assets belonging to Jewell Anderson, these allegations were determined to be true by the Probate Court Judge, and a conservator and guardian was appointed to protect Jewell Anderson’s retirement assets.  Again, no evidence exists, whatsoever, of exploitation of Jewell Anderson by any actions of David Anderson, Martha Anderson, or Timothy Flynn.